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CPI services help facilitate, accelerate and retain business investment in Mozambique.

Our services are available to international and Mozambique firms, local or regional governments and economic development organizations.

Improvement of the Business Environment

Ensure adoption of measures based on substantiated research on best practices and examples of success around the world

Definition of Target Markets for Investment Promotion

Facilitate and ensure the promotion of Mozambique proactively, and focused on certain investment attraction markets

Promoting Capacity Building and institutional development

Ensure the expansion and presence of the investment promotion agencies, in and out of the country

Promotion and Development of National Entrepreneurship

Enable business linkages between large projects and small and medium enterprises and local communities

Improvement and Diversification of the Investment Opportunities portfolio

Produce and update the portfolio of investment opportunities, in order to promote concrete opportunities


Business opportunities

Investment trends; how to establish and operate a business in Mozambique, resources to support the return of production, offices or business activities, resources like agriculture, loans and other programs.

Mozambique offers firms from around the world an open, stable environment with many opportunities for profit

There are many reasons to invest in Mozambique, ranging from its skilled workforce to advanced infrastructure and competitive costs.




SPX - Partnerships and Subcontractors exchange is a link mechanism and the development of local suppliers to promote the demands and offers of goods and services by connecting their buyers and suppliers;


Investment Promotion Center


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